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Five 2015 Travel Resolutions

With the new year comes new ideas, fresh starts and those always fun resolutions. Of course, we at La Estancia Vacations have a few of our own travel resolutions we’ll use to ensure 2015 is a year to remember.

1. Get Away from it All

Yes, work is important. Yes, there will always be something going on at work or at home. Nevertheless, remember how important it is to break away from your daily routine and do something different. This isn’t just us saying that you need to take a holiday in Cabo. This is actual SCIENCE! According to National Geographic, “the standard holiday in the U.S. is now down to a long weekend.” The same article cited the health benefits of a vacation can be enormous. “Time off is medicine. Studies show that vacations are as important as watching your cholesterol or getting exercise. An annual holiday can cut the risk of heart attack in men by 30 percent and in women by 50 percent.” If that’s not enough, just look at a few pictures of Medano Beach to get inspired.


Try Something Different

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE burritos, guacamole, and tacos. But when you’re in a place like Cabo San Lucas with some of the most amazing chefs and restaurants, we recommend expanding your idea of Mexican food. Give it a shot and don’t think that you’ll regret it whatsoever. Try some “unique” delicacies at La Fonda including fried grasshoppers, ant eggs, and maguey worms (edible caterpillars that infest maguey and agave tequilana plants). These treats are common in Central Mexico and can make for one of your most delicious and most memorable dinners in Cabo.

Learn the Art of Relaxation

When you’re on your Cabo vacation, we challenge you to completely unplug. Try it for a short period of time at first, maybe just leave all the electronics in your La Estancia villa as you head to the beach. Next, leave it all behind for the entire day. One of our favorite days in Cabo is walking down Medano Beach, hopping a water taxi to Lover’s Beach and snorkeling in the amazingly clear water. Don’t forget to pack a picnic and towel (and sunscreen). Forget the iPod and smartphone, just listen to the waves crash as you bask in the sunshine.

Happy Romantic Couple Enjoying Beautiful Sunset at the Beach

Let it Go (let it goooo)

It’s fair to say that we’re control freaks. But we get it…You’ve got a lot to take care. As the old saying goes “if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.” Well, we’ve got an exercise in relinquishing control: Parasailing. For the duration of your flight, you’re not in control. You’re simply enjoying the ride. You’re seeing everything from a new perspective and, for once, you can live completely in the moment and take in how amazing it is to be where you are.

LEV aries sail

Laugh … A Lot

Laughter makes everything better. And that’s a large part of what vacation is about: Taking a break and having a great time. Bringing laughter to your life via your vacation has a few health benefits, as well. According to Discovery Channel, “laughter has been shown to lower or balance blood pressure and increase vascular blood flow [sources: Brain, Pattillo and Itano].” In an era of prescription medicine, laughter can also help with the all-important blood sugar levels. From the same Discovery article, “researchers discovered that laughing may positively affect blood glucose(sugar) levels.” Need a few ideas for really getting the laughter going? Try jet skiing on Medano Beach; it’s fun, exciting and a great time. Or enjoy dinner at The Office with Rambo (and his tequila). It’s got great food and great views. You’re sure to have great time.

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