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November Featured Beach: Medano Beach (Part 2)

In our last post, we covered 5 reasons to love Medano including the peaceful sunrises and Villa La Estancia’s beachside lounges. We couldn’t stop there, however; there is simply too much to love. For this section of our Featured Beach, we sharing all those “extras” that make Medano stand out from the rest.

Read our first 5 Reasons to Love Medano Beach here.

1. Medano SUP

Yes, from the shore it looks difficult. No, it’s not a fad. If you haven’t tried stand up paddle boarding, you really must! It’s fun and can be a bit of a workout. Even if you’ve never tried, you’ll be shocked at how fast you can pick it up. And, when the water is as warm and refreshing at Medano’s, you won’t be too mad if you fall off. In an effort of full disclosure, our first time SUPping in Cabo was a bit shaky. The motion of the waves took a few minutes to get used to, but we ended up having a BLAST paddling along the shore and taking breaks and enjoying the amazing views of Land’s End. We wore our life jackets, so instead of falling in, sometimes we wanted to jump in and cool off! SUP board rentals are available at a few locations along Medano.


2. The Office

Iconic Cabo San Lucas: You can’t skip out on a trip to The Office on Medano Beach. Whether you’re enjoying a delicious breakfast or tasty dinner and drinks, it’s something we think all visitors must experience just once! The Office has front row views to Land’s End, so close to the water’s edge that some diners will find their feet wet from the waves! (Travel note: If you’re seating near the edge of the restaurant, don’t put your bags/purses on the sand. Take if from us, there’s a good chance they’ll get wet.) The Office is also home to a famous face: Rambo. He is a Cabo staple. Dinner guests will get the chance to take a shot straight from Rambo. Touristy? Definitely. Still fun? Absolutely.


The Office Dining

3. Water Taxis

As much as we enjoy Medano Beach, we still love to explore! From the moment you step foot on the beach, you’ll notice quite a few boats pulling into and off of the shore. These are Medano’s water taxis, and they will take you from the beach to Lover’s Beach, will take you on rides around Land’s End, and even whale watching tours between December and April. Water taxis offer life jackets for all passengers making it a safe excursion for those of any age. We love taking a break from the beach for a relaxing ride along Land’s End, past the seal colony, Lover’s Beach, Window to the Pacific and, of course, the famous El Arco.




4. Swing Bar

Located next to The Office is the fun Swing Bar. A part of Baja Cantina’s Medano location, the Swing Bar is a tiny outdoor bar that replaced bar stools with swings. The simple concept has become a favorite of visitors and a popular photo opp. Take a ten minute beach walk west from Villa La Estancia and reward yourself with a swing and amazing margarita. You won’t regret it!



Jet Skiing
Take read into its placement at #5 on Part Dos of our Medano favorites list. Jet skiing in the Sea of Cortez is by far one of our FAVE things to do in all of Los Cabos. Our friends at Aries Watersports take great care of us with amazing wave runners that can fit up to 3 riders (we prefer to go solo or with one passenger). A 45-minute or hour-long rental gives you plenty of time to fly around the Sea of Cortez, out to the tip of Land’s End and along the shores of Medano. During our last trip, a few in our group started out a little timid, but that didn’t last long! By the end, they were racing around with the best of ‘em. Medano Beach jet skiing is available seven days a week, as long as the weather permits.

Learn more about Villa La Estancia and our favorite activities of Los Cabos at www.laestanciavacations.com.


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