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What Memorial Weekend Looks Like in Cabo

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and much of the US population is enjoying an extra day off. That’s 3 beautiful days off, 3 precious days to use to their fullest.

So, what if you were spending these days in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico? Here’s what Memorial Weekend in Cabo would look like for us.

Day 1

If it’s Day 1 of the vacation, we’ve got one thing to say: RELAX. Just relax. And here at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos it ain’t hard. Our perfect day goes like this… Wake up. Fall back asleep. Wake up and actually get up. Our first move is grabbing a cup of coffee and enjoying it on the patio with Land’s End in front of us. Next we head down to the beach to find our favorite lounge chair (at this point, we probably would fall back asleep under a shade umbrella). For the next few hours, we’re sleeping, reading and cooling off in the water until it’s time to get cleaned up for a nice, but casual dinner in Cabo. If it were our vacation, we would head to Mi Casa in downtown Cabo San Lucas. It has a great vibe and delicious food.



Day 2

Now that we’ve enjoyed a full day of rest and relaxation, we want a little adventure. What better way to get the adrenaline pumping than hopping on a jet ski and flying around the Sea of Cortez. When you rent a Cabo jet ski off of Medano Beach (check out Aries Water Sports), you get to control where you go and how fast. Ride out along Land’s End, take a moment to enjoy epic views of The Arch, then race around along the shore–not too close to the shore, of course. After you’ve worked up an appetite, enjoy a bite poolside at Villa La Estancia’s La Parilla Grill. Looking for dinner plans? An incredibly romantic spot is Sunset da Mona Lisa. You simply can’t beat the views, and it serves up lovely French dishes. If you’re hoping for more of a party atmosphere, head to the iconic The Office Bar and Restaurant. Dine with your feet in the sand!

Lover's Beach (1 of 1) trimmed



Day 3

We want to make sure we get our fill of vitamin D (with proper sun protection), so we’re kicking off the day with a boat tour around Sea of Cortez and a stop at Lover’s Beach. Pack towels, refreshments and snorkel gear for a few beautiful hours at Lover’s and Divorce Beach. The current is pretty calm and the water clear, so it is a great spot to go snorkeling and get a peak under the stunning Cortez sea. Hopping back on the water taxi, we would make bee-line to San Jose del Cabo. The historic and cultural center of Los Cabos, San Jose is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Browse the art galleries, enjoy some tequila tastings and then stop into Baja Brewing. Los Cabos’ first  microbrewery.

Lover's Beach in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Mission Church

Arch At Lands End Mexico

Well, that’s how we would spend Memorial Weekend in Cabo. What would your vacation look like?

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