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Where the Land Ends

Land’s End is iconic. It is home to one of the most recognizable rock formations in the world (if you ask us), and home to possibly Cabo’s most well-known beach. Whether you are venturing out for a day on Lover’s Beach or taking a tour around the tip of Baja by boat, here’s what you can expect!

1. Lover’s Beach

Secluded, but usually not deserted, Lover’s Beach is a must for all our Cabo visitors. Lover’s Beach is a sandy stretch of land surrounded by towering rock formations. Accessible by water taxi, Lover’s Beach is perfect for a picnic, dip in the water and some sunbathing. Visitors beware: there are no facilities or shade on Lover’s Beach.


2. Seal Colony

Animal lovers and, well, everyone will love to see Cabo’s seal colony in action. Just off the shores of Land’s End, your captain or tour guide will share with you our local sea creatures stretched out enjoying the afternoon sun. Keep watching these funny mammals, they’re usually quite entertaining!


3. Neptunes Finger

While not as famous as another rock formation in the Sea of Cortez, Neptune’s Finger is no less beautiful. Jetting over 30 feet into the air, it is a popular dive site thanks to the underwater structure and possibility to see sea turtles, rays, tropical fish and more!


4. Scooby (yes, that Scoopy) & Window to the Pacific

From the right angle, it truly looks like Scooby has headed south to Baja and taken up as a rock formation. Nothing else to really note, but fun to see and a great photo opportunity!


5. The Pacific

If you were to stay on the main beaches of Cabo, there is a chance you could visit and never even see the Pacific Ocean. If you’re curious, take that water tour, whale watching tour or water taxi to catch a glimpse of the world’s largest ocean. If you are on Lover’s Beach, just walk a few paces to the other side to Divorce Beach. As you probably already know, Divorce Beach is not a safe, swimmable beach. Save that for Lover’s.


6. Of course, THE ARCH!

No trip to Cabo and no tour of Land’s End is complete without the quintessential photo opp of El Arco. This stunning rock formation may be the most popular photo stop in all of Baja! Don’t worry, if you’re heading anywhere near Land’s End, you’ll get a chance to see it! And if you’re staying with us at Villa La Estancia, The Arch may even be visible from your private balcony!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico



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