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Cabo Fishing Report: October


We’ve got A LOT to catch you up on! We’re sharing a few weeks of Pisces Fishing Reports from the waters of Cabo San Lucas. It was a mixed bag weather-wise (2 days of straight rain), but still great fishing as the region inched closer to the Bisbee’s Off-Shore Tournament. Well, great fishing for those who endured the inclement weather. There were a number of visiting fishermen and women choose to head back to dry land a little early.

According to Pisces, “Fishing remained steady and varied, with plenty of billfish, including pretty good numbers of small blue marlin, striped marlin and sailfish…Pisces anglers caught a total of 111 billfish this week consisting of 57 striped marlin, 42 sailfish, 11 blue marlin and 1 spearfish  – all but one fish released.” Additionally,  Pisces reporting positive tuna results (which anglers were happy about, considering the upcoming Tuna Jackpot Tournament). Coming with plenty of smaller tuna catches were a 135 lb tuna reeled in on Bill Collector and a 150 pounder on C Rod. The team shared that Dorado catches remained slow.

And then… the day had arrived. The Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore Tournament was here. Read more about the fishing tournament’s record year here. And, almost immediately following, the “Richest Fishing Tournament in the World,” Bisbee’s Black and Blue kicked off. 

Our friends at Pisces were manning a few of the competing boats, with some decent results. According to the Cabo fishing report from Pisces, the boat Ruthless did very well, but couldn’t cash in. “Unfortunately, though, the anglers had not entered the release division (take note….always enter the release division).  The top release boat only had two and won $72,000.00!”

Outside of the competition, results were just as nice. It should be noted that the number of black and blue marlin were lower than normal due to the Bisbee’s tournament. Tuna catches were good this week with a total of 228 fish caught by our anglers, with catches ranging from one to eighteen fish in a day.

OCTOBER 10 – 16

Rain for almost 48 hours at the beginning of this period now clear skies, mostly flat seas and a return to hotter weather.

Pacific from Lands’ End to San Jaime, some boats off of the 11.50 two to 30 miles offshore.

85-86 F

Live caballito, feathers, cedar plugs, yellow, orange black.

OCTOBER 17 – 23

San Jaime was the top spot  – also from the Lighthouse to Golden Gate on the Pacific.

A couple of rough days with wind blowing from both sides now calm.

85 F

Live caballito, green, cedar plugs



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